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Why Choose Entrepreneurship As A Career

In the process of economic development in the modern world, there is a great need for entrepreneur education in creating opportunities for self-employment through the establishment of business and entrepreneur enterprises and the ability to manage them successfully. The rapid spread of industrial education as a distinct branch of knowledge is a new feature of modern management education.

Entrepreneurial education refers to this branch of knowledge which, when read, widens and widens the path of development of latent qualities of people, increases confidence and special abilities, encourages innovative creative, challenging work and inspires new business organizations, and acquires the ability to run it successfully. This education enhances a person’s sense of social responsibility and inspires him in the industrial profession. Below is the need for entrepreneurship education as a profession or why choose entrepreneurship as a Career? It was discussed

Why choose entrepreneurship as a career?

There are many reasons to choose entrepreneurship as a career or profession. Today we will discuss below the 7 requirements of the entrepreneurship as a career or profession:

1. Gain the idea of entrepreneurship as a career

Entrepreneurship education is needed to achieve the goals of the organization and motivate the employees to work according to their own abilities and encourage risky work. The concept of business, project creation, project selection, business planning, etc. can be gained through entrepreneur education. So if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, first of all, it is very important to get an education in entrepreneurship.

2. Encourage innovative and risky work

Knowledge of entrepreneurship is essential to motivate a young person to be innovative, creative and risky, to achieve the goals of the organization, to create interest in working to the best of one’s ability and to be motivated to take risky work.

3. Increased sense of responsibility

Learning entrepreneurship skills widens and expands the development of a person’s latent qualities, enhances self-confidence and analytical ability, develops self-reliance and talent, and takes care of his duties and responsibilities. This education helps a person to engage in various product and service activities.

4. Motivated by self-employment

The importance of entrepreneurship education in motivating the educated unemployed for self-employment is undeniable. entrepreneurship Course There is no substitute for this course to reduce the dependence of a highly educated person on a salaried job. This course motivates people to take up self-employment or entrepreneurship as an alternative to a job. In the face of the growing acute unemployment problem in Bangladesh, self-employment and interest in business as a source of employment can only be taught by industry. Observations have shown that the students of the Faculty of Commerce, Dhaka University, who have taken entrepreneurship courses, have taken up business as a career at a higher rate than other courses.

5. Creating the possibility of success

Through entrepreneur education, a person can qualify for self-employment initiatives on the one hand, and increase the chances of success on the other.

6. Creation of entrepreneurship class

The main reason for backwardness in the Bangladesh entrepreneur is the lack of real industrialists. Creating the potential of the entrepreneurship class is considered a prerequisite for the economic development and industrialization of a country. An entrepreneur is born as an entrepreneur – this idea has changed. Renowned psychologist MacLealand has proven through research that those who have a desire for achievement if trained, can establish themselves as entrepreneurs. In order to accelerate the pace of industrialization in the country, it is necessary to include entrepreneurship courses at different levels of education to create new industrialist classes. Recognizing the importance of industrial education in Bangladesh at present, this subject has been included in the curriculum at the technical and higher secondary level.

7. Develop confidence and talent

The main objective of the inclusion of entrepreneurship courses at the technical level is to build confidence in the students and open the way for them to develop their talents. Those who are unable to study due to various obstacles should take up business as a means of livelihood. Apart from that, the purpose of the entrepreneurship course is to make the students aware of self-employment or a respectable profession in business.

Finally, in the light of the above discussion, it can be said that the need for entrepreneurship education is immense in facilitating self-employment by establishing industrial and business establishments by developing the development of talent, innovative energy, and enterprise of the people of the country.

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