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Rain delays second half of Golden State Warriors-Dallas Mavericks game

DALLAS — Water leaked through the roof of the American Airlines Center, delaying Game 4 of the Western Conference finals between the Warriors and the Mavericks by 16 minutes. Golden State’s Splash Brothers were trying not to get wet at the start of the second half Tuesday night.

The teams had to endure through a rare rain delay in basketball after halftime as arena personnel attempted to repair a leak in the high ceiling caused by the rain outside.

Water dripping through the American Airlines Center ceiling disrupted a Mavericks game for the second time. On March 21, it also caused a 15-minute delay in the opening of a Timberwolves-Mavericks game.

The arena opened on July 17, 2001.

At halftime, the Mavericks were up 62-47. Players from both sides stood at half court looking up at the ceiling during the wait, with a couple of Warriors players passing the time by playing rock, paper, scissors. The Mavericks were the team who started the third quarter on that side of the court, despite the leak dripping over the baseline close to the Warriors’ bench.

The Mavericks proceeded to build on their lead once the game resumed, pushing out to a 99-70 lead by the end of the third quarter and went on to win 119-109.

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